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Hi! I'm Zohar! And when i'm not a angry Israeli Jew that gets mad at everything in this site i'm just yet another fandom blog!

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Aug 27 '14


What kind of fucked up kids show am i watching

Aug 19 '14


Digimon Adventure + Text posts
Aug 17 '14



Why? …u.u




Why? …

Aug 4 '14

It’s the year 2014 and people STILL have Pokemon VS Digimon arguments? I thought we all agreed that both of them are good. (Or atleast okay.)

Aug 4 '14


do u ever hear an anime op from something you watched a long time ago and you can feel ur middle school self rising from the depths 

Aug 3 '14


Some Digimon Adventure and Tamers locations on real life

Aug 3 '14


god I am going to regret this I am going to regret making this post so badly but I want this straightened out right. now. I just don’t want this to be a point of argument anymore.

  • The US dub put Taichi in “high school” in 02 in order to properly establish his age in alignment with the Japanese school system. In the original Japanese version, he is 14 and a second-year at Odaiba Middle School. Putting Taichi in high school at the age of 17 is not a 02 retcon, and is actually more likely to mean that they’re keeping 02 in there since they’re dancing around the middle school era and skipping to high.
  • "Nobody likes 02" - Forget me momentarily and please take a look at the sheer amount of fanart that still goes up on Pixiv and Tumblr regularly. If you seriously think that the fanbase despises 02 so much that it would prefer to see its existence wiped away, please re-evaluate how you see the fandom.
  • Although there’s a good case for it, we have no evidence that Taichi is the lead protagonist, only that the Digimon series will continue and that Taichi will be a 17-year-old high schooler. For all we know that phrase could have been used for timeline and universe establishment and we could be dealing with a set of new kids. In addition, if Taichi were to be the lead, this does not magically invalidate Daisuke and co.’s existence.
  • Daisuke has appeared on nearly every single all-series-inclusive piece of merch from 2000 to now, often accompanied by Ken or his other fellow 02 friends. All-series merch is very inclusive and has appeared even in recent times (Xros Wars, the Adventure PSP adaptation in 2013, the trading card set, the Memorial Box rerelease…); do you really think Toei would just suddenly blot Daisuke and friends and their achievements out like they were nothing? If anything had to be retconned it would likely be specific events within 02, not 02 entirely.
  • The ratings for Digimon decreased with every series, regardless of writing quality. Therefore 02 has the second highest ratings of all the series. Regardless of what you think of it, 02 still has heavy recognizability and name value.
  • Toei, in general, has never shown a trend of “let’s pretend that never happened” whenever it came to Digimon; as mentioned above all-series merch is very inclusive and (with the exception of the Memorial Box, which was a re-release of a product that had only four series out at the time) will include Adventure to whatever the most recent series is when they advertise “all series”. 02 is a legitimate entry in the franchise as far as Toei is concerned.

Hey, I could be totally wrong. Who knows. But in my opinion any thought that Toei has a realistic chance of retconning 02 out has an extremely poor case given trends regarding how Toei sees its past Digimon series. And I hope this will be all I have to say on this matter.

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Aug 3 '14
Aug 2 '14

Important Digi-notice!


Dear Chosen Children/Digidestined/whatever name you go by, 

I’m sure that, after yesterday’s announcement, many of you went wild celebrating/sobbing/screaming/babbling/shirt ripping maybe, maybe you did all of the above.

But more importantly, after that announcement, many of you were definitely feeling one thing: Curious. What does “Taichi, seventeen, high school days (En)/ 太一、十七歳、高校生 (jp)” mean, aside from the obvious? What more information is there?  

And the answer is: None. For now. So allow me to direct your attention to this site»

Notice that, after watching or skipping the trailer of the japanese version of the site, you are directed to the following page with the digiegg?


notice at the bottom right, there’s a number counter saying last 893937, and that more importantly, the message on the left saying 



For the benefit of those who don’t understand Japanese, what it’s basically saying is: 

"If everyone rubs the digiegg it would hatch, the new series information would be in the digiegg.

EDIT (thanks to fuzzle for pointing out): 

And the number counter at the right, as well as the bars, indicates how many more nade nade (rubs) is needed. You can rub the digiegg by clicking it, or playing the typing game via accumulating points (authorize site’s access to your twitter or facebook to do so). So please, SPREAD THE WORD. Go to that site, rub that digiegg. 

I’m every bit as curious as you all for some new information, so let’s cooperate together here, and get that new info asap.

Digimon fandom, I’m counting on you all! 

P.S. you can only rub the digiegg once per day normally, but if you accumulate points from the typing game, you can rub it for every 20 points. 

P.P.S: According to letsliptheunderdog, you can also click more than once in different browsers! 

Aug 2 '14


"Few care about Digimon Adventure 02"

I beg to fucking differ