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Hi! I'm Zohar! And when i'm not a angry Israeli Jew that gets mad at everything in this site i'm just yet another fandom blog!

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Oct 15 '14


This about sums it up.




This about sums it up.


Jun 21 '14


"Who’s your favorite character?"

The dead one.

Apr 14 '14




i bet none of you know about the shooting in the jewish community center in kansas today on the eve of passover

another story on the matter

Not to mention the shooter was heard yelling “heil Hitler” and CNN had the nerve to claim the shooter’s motive was “unclear”

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Jun 30 '13





The Snow Queen to Frozen


Okay, who the hell is responsible for this fuck up…

that snowman is everything I hate how did they do that

I am beyond disappointed

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Jun 20 '13






I don’t need feminism because it took me a full hour of scrolling through pages of these things just to find ten brave women that had the courage to voice a differing opinion.

those last 3 tho

half of these arent even arguments theyre just like “i dont need feminism. lmao pwned” and the rest are slut shaming and/or dont even understand what feminism is about. bye

some of them are pretty accurate though so…yeah…

they all demonstrate a fundamental misunderstanding of feminism So

Jun 16 '13

I really wanted to see the Xbox One healing from this whole hilarious mess, but considering this whole ‘Going to Nintendo’s Best Buy event and tell the people that wait in line to buy the Xbox One instead of the Wii U’ thing is real…. yeahhhhh….

I am very disappointed. I guess it what’s rival companies do to each other, but i’m still very disappointed.

Jun 16 '13

Problems with being a male

  • Having emotions is seen as weakness
  • Admitting weakness is seen as an even greater weakness
  • Being called a sexual deviant or a pervert because you were expressing your sexuality
  • A girl beating you in any physical competition makes you inferior
  • Being superficial makes you a pig but a woman being superficial is fine
  • Makeup isn't even an option
  • Not living up to the insanely unrealistic ideal of manhood automatically makes you gay
  • Being gay is seen as weak
  • You can't control the size of your "manhood"
  • You can't report sexual assaults because being a male victim is worse than being the rapist
  • No male specific support groups or movements
  • Unequal parental rights
  • Extreme feminists treating you less than human
  • Women can blame all men or say they are all the same but if a man blames women they're sexist pigs
  • People dismissing your problems automatically because the universe is obviously rigged in your favour in every scenario imaginable
  • No one will read this past the title
Jun 16 '13







Clear discrimination against men. Rather nice to see that this is on someone’s news, especially how men are viewed in society as all being potential pedophiles and rapists.

They’d never have suspected my rapist. Women don’t rape kids, you know. That bruising, those internal injuries? Just ‘an accident’.

Too many victims of rape are being swept under the rug because society doesn’t view certain types of rapists as rapists, i.e. women.

Really well done report, good mix of statistics and basic reasoning. Would have been interesting to see what the % of female perpetrators is (I don’t know that figure for Australia) put in too but raising the issue in the first place is always good to see

I’m glad there is a report on this.


I used to get this all the time working in childcare and it is why I have never had a male work mate, men are scared of it.

Jun 13 '13




Cop Sexually Assaults Woman Then Arresting Her For Protesting

As if that wasn’t enough for them, they sent her child to protective services and put the mother in jail for “making false allegations against a police officer”, which is actually not a crime. Now that it’s been revealed she was telling the truth, not only is the cop fired, but even the judge who sat there and let it happen is under investigation.

im gonna puke

i want all my female followers to look at this so they can know their rights, and that if you ever feel a police officer is sexually harassing you that you can and should file a complaint.

EDIT: In fact, doesn’t matter what gender you identify with. it’s important to know your rights and that you are never subject to be harassed by police officers, judges, whoever.

I lost it when she just says ‘how can you watch, how can you sit there and watch’

I usually don’t reblog these things, but this was horrific.

Jun 8 '13


i know that some of the dangan ronpa fandom doesn’t like danganstuck, BUT. THAT. DOESN’T. MEAN. that you can leave hateful comments on danganstuck art. that makes the artist feel like shit, and it’s also completely disrespectful. so stop being an asshole okay thanks